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Photobooth or 360° booth rental at your next event?

The best place to rent your photobooth or 360° booth for your event.

Your guests will enjoy beautiful photos and personalized prints tailored to your event with 1 of our popular photobooths. Whether it is for a corporate event, trade show, wedding or birthday party, every party is unique and therefore we customize our photobooth accordingly. With green screen, physical backdrops, all kinds of props-attributes for every theme, personalized designs and more we do everything we can to give you the best experience with our photobooth at your next event.

Our photobooth rental brings people together and captures moments with personalized printed strips(or postcards) completely customized for your event.

Experience our photobooth or 360 booth at your next event! Check out reviews from previous clients below.

Our photobooth rental brings your guests together and digitally captures your moments + fun print strips or postcards always created with a design tailored to your event.

Don't let memories be lost at your corporate party, team building , birthday celebration or at any other fun event and secure your photobooth or 360 booth today for your next assuredly successful event.


Marie-Lynn Hens
Marie-Lynn Hens
March 11, 2024
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My experience with 321Photobooth was perfect. There was a very quick response about availability, different options in terms of background and gadgets. And also the aftercare was very good. A day later we immediately received all photos, GIFs,.... sent. It's a very nice thing to have around your event to provide tangible memories. Only recommended!
Gary Guisset
Gary Guisset
March 7, 2024
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Very professional and friendly service!!! I would definitely contact Benjamin and his team again.
Caroline De Winter
Caroline De Winter
Jan. 26, 2024
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Professional cooperation and pleasant contact. Recommended for any (corporate) party!
Kato Mannaerts
Kato Mannaerts
November 2, 2023
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Very nice cooperation, professional set up and smooth communication.
Anouk Burny
Anouk Burny
Oct. 23, 2023
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We hired a photobooth for our event and it was an absolute success. Quick and clear communication in advance, very friendly and accommodating support onsite. Would definitely recommend for all types of events.
Julie Loubry
Julie Loubry
Oct. 12, 2023
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Nice video booth at a very nice price. The visitors of the Zwijsen Academy thought this was a nice reminder of the event.
October 2, 2023
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Benjamin,helped us out! So that we still had a photobooth at our wedding. He did everything he could. For us he was our saving grace! Nothing but praise for his service. Another THICK, THICK MERCI!
gerda peeters
gerda peeters
September 13, 2023
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Working with Benjamin is great. We had a photobooth an inern corporate event. Service is super, clear communication, custom backgrounds are as they should be. Personalized photos in no time in your mailbox. Definitely worth repeating !
Anuvind Saj
Anuvind Saj
September 6, 2023
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Excellent service. The photobooth was a big highlight to our event. Everyone enjoyed it a lot. Thanks to Benjamin, he was very supportive during the whole process of booking, adding custom graphics, placement etc. We would definitely recommend this.
binu george
binu george
September 5, 2023
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Super 🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝
target photobooth-360booth rental companies-private events

Corporate events, private parties like weddings or also other events like festivals and fairs are ideal to rent our photobooth or 360° booth.

photobooth business companies group

Corporate parties, trade shows or other business events.

Many opportunities for companies: leads, branding, ...

photobooth wedding private group

Wedding parties, birthday parties, baby showers or other celebrations

All our photobooths come standard with red carpet and props. 

photobooth events festivals group

Festivals, sporting events or any other event !

Many options with photobooths, mosaic wall, host at booth, etc. 

Renting your Photobooth

Capture all your memories with our popular photobooth. 

Thanks to unlimited instant prints, you capture them instantly, you can download them online immediately and also share them via social media.

The organizer will receive all files digitally after the event.

Learn more about all our options such as green screen, backdrops and extensive personalization we offer with our booths. 


See past fun memories and mood photos:

photobooth customers usp3

Customers satisfied with their photobooth because of our top service and quality equipment.

photobooth design usp3

Enjoy the cutest designs, personalized to your event theme and preference.

photobooth attributes usp3

Props-attributes, designs , all fully personalized and tailored to your next event!

Memories made at:

360 booth video booth LED walls

Luxury 360°Booth rental

Create unusually fun videos around your guests with the spinning video arm, guaranteed to be a hit at your event!

Videos are available immediately and are also delivered together afterwards to the organizer.

Mosaic Wall - Photo Wall Rental

Discover the photobooth mosaic wall - photo wall experience and create a mosaic wall, of course completely customized for your event. Ideal at a trade show, corporate event or a large wedding party.

photobooth mosaic wall woman

Ideal at your trade show

Attract attention to your booth at your trade show event and stand out from the crowd by renting our fun photobooth , 360° video booth or unique mosaic-wall photobooth.

Collect email addresses for marketing purposes when getting the photo from the photobooth or video from the 360 booth. 

We like to personalize our booths completely to your event such as customizing the home screen to match the event theme and adding company logo.

(Contact us for even more photobooth branding options)

A draw for getting new customers/prospects.

360 booth at client event

Ideal at your corporate event

Team building or your annual company party, all reasons are good to rent our booth.

Our photobooth rental brings extra ambiance to your corporate event, creates bonding between colleagues or provides a fun reminder of your company at a customer event.


Our photobooth brings people together and captures it beautifully digitally and physically with a photo print in your desired and personalized layout see examples.


Large group posing for mosaic photobooth picture

Ideal at your wedding party

Don't lose memories of one of your most important days, we are happy to capture them for you digitally and with physical prints that are immediately beautifully printed on site on photo paper with our professional printer. Moreover, our red carpet provides a beautiful setting, the photo lights provide good lighting so everyone looks extra good in the photos of your wedding.

After the event, the organizer always receives all photos again digitally, which you can enjoy or, for example, compile your own collage from.

photobooth at wedding

Frequently asked questions:

Standard we bring a red carpet, light pole so the photos look extra good, all kinds of attributes for fun posing on the photos. 3G/4G connection via Telenet is also available in case of wifi problems. With green screen we put 2 light poles for a better result.

Yes, printouts are always customized to the desired theme. For corporate parties, typically logo and often a slogan are added.

It is also possible to send in your own design(s) and we can use this for the theme of the printouts and photobooth.

Our photobooth takes your photos and automatically provides photo strips in a fun personalized design.

GIFs or Boomerang videos can also be created with the photobooth.

We recommend providing a space at least one and a half meters wide and a 2 meter of length. For a green screen, preferably provide a little more space for the green screen cloth.

We deliver the photobooth anywhere in Belgium, even the Netherlands, Germany or France, Luxembourg are possible for delivery of 321photobooth.

We deliver for free up to 40km from our store in Boortmeerbeek.

Popular places to rent our photobooth are: Leuven, Mechelen, Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels, Hasselt, Vilvoorde, Turnhout, Aalst, Dendermonde, Eindhoven and Maastricht.

Feel free to contact us to get a quote for our photobooth or other services to rent at your event.

A 360 degree video booth consists of a platform that guests will stand on and an arm with video camera that will rotate around and record footage, typically these are slow-motion shots. Our platforms are large and even 3 to 4 people can easily stand on them at the same time. 

Our video booth needs considerably more space than the classic photobooth, 3 by 3 meters is enough. It needs space for the arm to rotate around, so we put poles around it so no one walks into it and the fun video recordings can happen smoothly without interruptions. The TV screen will also be within these perimeters to play the fun highlights of the guests during your event.

Although we do not recommend waiting until the last minute to rent our photobooth, you can certainly contact us last minute, we will do everything we can to make it another successful event with our fun photobooth.

Our photobooth makes it very easy for you, there are 3 buttons on the touch-screen by default, make your choice, the photobooth then starts counting down (7 seconds by default), you see the timer descending to 0 and see yourself on the screen, ideal for posing! The prints happen automatically and after each session you can share the photos in any way you want: by mail or social media via the QR code.

Our booths should always be protected from adverse weather conditions such as rain. We can provide a tent to make it possible to set up outside. In case of storm or bad weather conditions this may not be possible, we recommend to place the photobooth inside or provide a safe place to place the photobooth yourself.

Under normal conditions, the photobooth may get a little dirty, in case of unusual practices, there may be a charge to get the photobooth back in good condition.

Locations: all of Belgium as well as neighboring countries possible.